Friday, June 11, 2010

The World Premiere of the Soon After trailer

There is no science to a book trailer. The last couple of years, novelist have taken advantage of the powerful montage of still snippets, sounds and music to give people ateaser as to what your narrative is about. There are you tube sites devoted to those marketing tool. Whether you are creating these video synopsis yourself or hiring a contracter, placement is important on social networking sites and in ezines.
Ghost Writer Extraordinaire has established a brand among authors as the go-to entity if you'd rather pay then play. Online magazines like EKG Literary magazine can embede the codes right in their pages.

I prepared all my videos on One True Media ( That site is super user-friendly. Even I could figure out how to manipulate the slides and change timing and transition with powerpoint-ease. I've set yp a group called Book Trailer Park on Edgy Christian Fiction Lovers NING (

I invite your comments. Feel free to get the codes and repost to your networks.

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