Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Unusual Suspects - Willie Green

At the door Willie tried again to ask. “Am I a suspect?”

“Everyone is either a suspect, co-conspirator or witness. Have a good day, Reverend,” Chief Rich said before leaving.

Willie Green is my franchise character. In my debut novel, Soon and Very Soon he recounted coming to the Harvest Baptist Church as a 40-year old, unmarried minister, basically straight out of college. After celebrating his ten year pastoral anniversary God blessed him at 50 with a wife and a vision to combine churches with hers down the road at Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church.

Not everyone was happy with the merger. A significant rift occured as a result of the Unification, leaving some of the the Harvest members, lead by WIllie's own trusted Deacon, Charley Thompson. A not so friendly church meeting occured in Soon and Very Soon where Charley's group of dissenters presented Willie with a petition to remain at Harvest Baptist church which should have been alright except Willie had plans for a Community Outreach center at that location. Let's just say things weren't handled Christian-like as Willie lowered himself as a man of God and retaliated for scathing accusations made toward his new wife. "The slap heard around the world" gave cause for another 1/3 of his congregation to seek another church. Needless to say things were not going to be worked out peaceably. Another scene in the first installment shows the disillusioned pastor in mediation with his former deacon and his nephew-the Pastor S"elect". It came down to Willie's willingness or un willingness to turn over the keys, deed and church funds to those that chose to stay.

Is Willie the resident good guy that everyone knows him to be in and out of church.
Will the ministry he birthed be expoited by another? Will he stand idly by and let that happen?

What do you think about him as a suspect? What would be his motive for arson?

Friday, June 11, 2010

The World Premiere of the Soon After trailer

There is no science to a book trailer. The last couple of years, novelist have taken advantage of the powerful montage of still snippets, sounds and music to give people ateaser as to what your narrative is about. There are you tube sites devoted to those marketing tool. Whether you are creating these video synopsis yourself or hiring a contracter, placement is important on social networking sites and in ezines.
Ghost Writer Extraordinaire has established a brand among authors as the go-to entity if you'd rather pay then play. Online magazines like EKG Literary magazine can embede the codes right in their pages.

I prepared all my videos on One True Media ( That site is super user-friendly. Even I could figure out how to manipulate the slides and change timing and transition with powerpoint-ease. I've set yp a group called Book Trailer Park on Edgy Christian Fiction Lovers NING (

I invite your comments. Feel free to get the codes and repost to your networks.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Shot in the Dark Mysteries

I love themes. I love themed parties. Here's an exclusive. I am letting you in on some ideas I have for this novel, Soon After and its promtions. I found this site called A shot in the dark mysteries ( They make custom murder mystery games. How cool?
This woman apparently was a writer so she knows the plight of balancing the creative brain with the stiff collar business of marketing and promotions. She said she has created a game for other authors to use in their instore signings. I still have nightmares about in store signings at big chains like Borders where I've been upstaged by cut-outs of the newest children and teen book series characters. With a pitch of an in store murder mystery ( minus the murder) game to draw readers, how can I be denied. You can hear me, but I am doing my best imitation of demonic evil-genius laughter. Read the letter I left them:

I started my search in a little engine that could " google" looking for "personalized games to correspond with my new novel i am trying to promote called "Soon After." It is the sequel to by debut novel, Soon and VEry Soon which is in the genre of Christian Fiction. In bref, two pastors marry and they combine churches. In this second book once church burns down. Yes, arson, I needed a mystery game for my mystery book. Church ladies and Fire cheifs, reporters and pastors, I can see it. Your site is intriguing. For my other works I downloaded the blank jeopardy games and who wants to be a millionaire games, inserted my questions made CD-ROm copies and called it book club for one. I love throwing events and wanted something to spark( yes, I went for the obvious pun) an interest in my book. I love the idea to couple your game with book signings. Please check out my site for more information on my novel and the buzz I am trying to create I would like an interactive game for either my blog, book signings or a book release party.

Sherryle Kiser Jackson

Stay tuned!

New question for my last copies of Soon and Very Soon, the first installment. What was the best party or event you've been to and what made the gathering so great? Leave your response in the comment section and your email addy so i can contact you.