Thursday, July 1, 2010

Edgy Christian Summer Blog Tour

What can be more noble than the fight of good vs. evil? What is more dramatic than a sinner putting his last hope in a prayer or more diabolical than a dying man without either.I linked up with a group of faith based writers who undertstand as I do that redemption doesn't necessarily take place in a church, and faith is a journey not a destination.

Our name is Edgy Christian Fiction lovers. We write crime and mystery,romance and science fiction. We use modern urban settings and also the historical past to tell our stories. Our goal is to reach every beach, lawn chair and chaise lounge as part of your summer reading choices. After this blog tour we are sure you'll become a Edgy Christian Fiction lover too.

Follow the links below to join in on the fun and learn about the type of stories this divinely diverse group of writers write. Leave a comment or inquiry. We don't bite


Sun, July 11: Joy Tamsin David, Edgy Christian Romance

Wed, July 14, Dan Calabrese, Spiritual Warfare and the Edgy Christian Novel

Sun, July 18: Nike Chillemi, Edgy Christian Crime Fiction,

Wed, July 21, Donna Dawson, Research For Edgy Christian Fiction

Sun, July 25: Janalyn Voigt, Edgy Christian Epic Fantasy Fiction - medieval

Wed, July 28: Lisa Lickel, Outside Of The Box Romance

Sun, Aug 1: Michelle Sutton, Sensuality in the Edgy Christian novel

Wed, Aug 4: Sherryle Jackson, Edgy Urban Christian Fiction

Sun, Aug 8: Tracy Krauss, Edgy Romantic Suspense

Wed, Aug 11, Keith Madsen, Edgy Christian Fiction In The Ebook Market

Sun, Aug 15: Shawna Williams, Clean Doesn't Equal Christian

Wed, Aug 18: Tracy Kraus, Christian Theatre - Not an Oxymoron

Sun, Aug 22: Shawna Van Ness, Culturally Relevant Characters

Sun, Aug 29: Donna Fletcher Crow, Spiritual Authenticity in Fiction

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  1. Sweet! Thanks for posting about the upcoming tour!

  2. Oh, Michelle, what a great intro! "Faith is a journey" Yes, oh yes! And what a ride it is. Rollercoasters come to mind.

  3. Oops, I meant, Sherryle, of course! brain went on vacation without me. Smiles.

  4. I so agree that faith is a journey not a destination and is not limited to the inside of a church.

    BTW...luv the look of your blog.

  5. I loved your intro Sherryl. Looking forward to all the posts this summer!

  6. Great one-liner about redemption. Love it!
    -Shawna V.

  7. How can we ever get together if they even separate our fiction? Sherryle, how do you think Christian fiction can help bring us together as the body of Christ?